Are your microgreens organic? 

While we have chosen to avoid the expense and paperwork of federal organic certification, our Microgreens are grown with high quality Certified Organic seeds— non-GMO and we use no pesticides ever — and our soil and fertilizer are Certified Organic, as well.

Benefits of subscription orders?

1. Subscribe and Save - Subscription orders save you over 16% off of each container

2. Set it and Forget it - Save yourself time. Order once and receive delicious gourmet goodies on your selected schedule.

3. Reduce Food Waste - We grow for you. You're helping to reduce food waste by letting us know what and when we should be growing for you.

What are the available delivery days?
We currently deliver on Saturday.

When will I receive my subscription deliveries?
For first-time orders, please allow up to fourteen (14) days turnaround for the first delivery. Standing orders are delivered on your weekly or bi-weekly schedule. 

How long do your products last? - Our Microgreen products typically last 7-10 days from the “Harvested on” date. Our Shoots (Pea and Sunflower) typically last two weeks from the “Harvested on” date.

We do our best to deliver them to you within 24 hours of harvest, and to keep them cool from cutting to your kitchen.

For the best quality and nutrition we suggest using your microgreens within one week and setting yourself up for a weekly subscription to have the freshest product in your fridge at all times.

Is there a minimum order? We have a $10.00 minimum order for delivery orders. Of course, there is no minimum order at All Grass Farms or at the St Charles or Glendale Heights Farmers Market. Call ahead to pickup at markets we are attending. 

We are adding pickup locations and as they become available we will make an announcement in our newsletter. 

I have a question not listed in your FAQ's. Please email us at info@tricountymicros.com with your question.