How Subscriptions Work

Harvested weekly, Tri-County Microgreens are delivered within 24 hours of harvest to the residents, restaurants and other food service providers in the Kane and Tri-County, Illinois area. 

No minimum order within our market area. Weekly and bi-weekly subscriptions are available. Order cutoff is 9 AM on Friday for Saturday delivery. 

Just mix and match your selections, choose a weekly, bi-weekly or monthly delivery schedule, and remember:  delivery is always FREE for our subscribers.

For larger orders, contact

How to place your first order:

Go to Our Menu and:

Step 1:  Make you first selection and click "Choose options."

Step 2:  Select the Size, Delivery Frequency and Quantity you want, then Add to Cart.

Step 3.  Repeat #1 and #2 for additional selections.

Step 3:  Check out.

We will then reach out to confirm receipt of your order and delivery instructions. That way, we can get started growing your individualized order so that it’s ready when you’re ready.

To get started, click Here